Campers in front of the entrance of the Ismaili Centre, Toronto and engaging with the exhibition ‘Our Stories, Our Images, Our Futures‘.


Tuesday, July 5, 2016 / 10-4pm
The Ismaili Centre, Toronto
Aga Khan Park
Aga Khan Museum

The Welcoming City
The Welcoming City is one of several week-long camps for youth run by Maximum City. The camp focuses on how we can create a city that welcomes newcomers in an inclusive and proactive way. This theme addresses the challenges of bringing people and cultures together in Toronto and the strategies we can engage to make Toronto a more welcoming place. Students from the Camp will visit the Ismaili Centre Toronto, Aga Khan Museum and Aga Khan Park as part of the camp program. They will engage with the exhibitions at the Ismaili Centre and the Aga Khan Museum.