From Parchment to Screens: Writing the Self in the Digital Age with Ted Bishop and Patrick Pennefather

Diverse cultures throughout the world have used ink for everything from love letters and poetry, to peace treaties and recording the Word of God. Have you ever wondered about the story of ink and what will happen to writing in the 21st century?

This half-day conference brings together two key thinkers, Ted Bishop and Patrick Pennefather, in an exploration of writing, recording, and information. Ted Bishop, author of the Social Life of Ink and the world expert on ink history, explores the multiple histories of ink and its future in the digital age.  Patrick Pennefather, founding faculty member at the Centre for Digital Media, provides interruptions and innovations that change and challenge the way we curate our experiences.

Date:      Friday, Sept 9, 2016

Time:     9am – 12pm

Venue:   Ismaili Centre, Burnaby Social Hall


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