Zahir/Batin: Rhythms of Being
Steel, Optical Lens, Digital Video

September  – December 2016
Ismaili Centre, Toronto – Exhibition Hall

Tuesday-Saturday 11am-4pm

Curated by Zulfikar Hirji, Transformations presents the work of four Canadian artists of Muslim background, Ali Kazimi, Faisal Anwar, Jamelie Hassan, and Fareena Chanda. The artists use a range of contemporary artistic tools including 3D stereoscopic video, social media, neon, optical lenses and industrial design to explore the inner life and its external expressions. Their works also make reference to Islam’s diverse esoteric visual and literary cultures.

Fourth Exhibition
Zahir/Batin: Rhythms of Being
Fareena Chanda
December 1-December 28
Tuesday-Saturday 11am-4pm

Zahir & Batin: Rhythms of Being, a sculptural and mixed-media installation, uses the body as a link between the manifest (zahir) and the hidden (batin). The work posits the notion that it is through the body that a being encounters both the external and internal worlds of the self. The installation uses the eye-blink as a metonym to explore the dynamic movement between states of zahir and batin. Through the act of blinking, the being continuously experiences a temporal opening and closing of the eyelid and a movement from lightness to darkness and back again. Using self-discovery and introspection, the artist has interpreted these rhythmic sensory and autonomic occurrences to be one of the manifestations of the journey.